An “Unaccompanied Minor” is defined as a passenger of at least 6 years of age who has not yet reached his or her 14th birthday, who is not accompanied by a responsible adult passenger on any portion of his or her itinerary.

A service fee of $50.00 per child per way is required to be paid.

Check-in is required 2 hours prior to departure. Unaccompanied Minor and the responsible adult accompanying them must be present 45 minutes prior to departure at the boarding gate. Unaccompanied Minors will be given priority advance boarding.

The responsible adult delivering the Unaccompanied Minor will be required to present one piece of valid government issued ID or a birth certificate to station management. Responsible adults must also fill out necessary paperwork at the ticket counter prior to departure which identifies the name, address and telephone numbers of person(s) authorized to receive the Unaccompanied Minor at the arrival and delivery airports. The responsible adult(s) must also remain at the gate until the flight is confirmed to have left the ground.

Infants, children under 24 months, can be flown as “Lap Children.”  These infants must sit on the lap of the adult accompanying them.  A $25.00 per way charge applies to these passengers.

Due to seating restrictions all reservations for infants must be made by calling 1-888-359-2541. Reservations center agents will communicate infant policies to persons booking reservations.

Print out or view the Unaccompanied Minor form.