Newark, New Jersey

Airport Information: Arrivals should pick their baggage up on level 1 carousel 1. (incoming Melbourne flight should also be instructed to go to carousel 1 on level 1)

Cincinnati, Ohio

Airport Information: Check in at the main terminal.  Go to the ticket counter to the left of US Airways.  The flight will depart from gate A4.  Check the flight information screens because the departure gate is subject to change. About Cincinnati: Home of the NFL’s Bengals and the MLB’s Reds, 75 golf courses, incredible shopping, The Horseshoe Casino and fantastic … Read More


All bags must have outside identification. Small dogs or cats may be accepted on a space-available basis in an FAA-approved carrier that must fit and be stowed under the seat directly in front of the passenger as a ticketed Passenger‘s gate-checked luggage for a service fee of $50.00 per pet per flight segment.

Cancellations and Refunds

Tickets on Branson AirExpress operated by Buzz Airways are non-refundable and any changes to the reservation will incur an administrative fee of $100.00 per person plus any applicable increase in fare.  Reservations may be changed or cancelled prior to departure to receive courtesy credit towards a future Charter Flight, subject to availability, for an administrative fee of $100.00 per Passenger. … Read More

Infants and Minors

An “Unaccompanied Minor” is defined as a passenger of at least 6 years of age who has not yet reached his or her 14th birthday and is not accompanied by a responsible adult passenger on any portion of his or her itinerary. A service fee of $50.00 per child per way is required. Check-in is required 2 hours prior to … Read More

Check In & Gate Info

Check-in is available two (2) hours prior to flight time. All Passengers must check-in no less than 45 min prior to the scheduled departure time for all flights. Checked baggage may not be accepted within 45 minutes of scheduled departure time. Passengers must be at the boarding gate in possession of boarding passes no later than 30 minutes prior to … Read More


Passengers are allowed to transport a maximum of three (3) bags for each ticketed passenger (two checked bags and one gate-checked bag). Up to two (2) bags may be checked; dimensions of checked items are not to exceed 62 inches in overall length, width and height and are not to exceed 50 pounds. One (1) gate-checked bag can be transported … Read More

Terms and Conditions

FlyBranson Travel LLC, dba Branson AirExpress flights are public charters operated by Elite Airways (Flt #301, 302, 460, 461, 464, 465, 500, 501, 9301, 9302, 9460, 9461), National Airlines (Flt #221, 222, 223, 224, 231, 232, 271, 272, 273, 274) and Buzz Airways (Flt #909, 910, 911, 912).  All advertised public charter fares are one-way, do not require a round … Read More